Hotte Maxe Fenugreek, whole seeds 1000g

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  • HM-2024
application:   respiratory problems  Gastro-intestinal problems... more
Product information "Hotte Maxe Fenugreek, whole seeds 1000g"


  •  respiratory problems
  •  Gastro-intestinal problems
  •  Strengthening of the immune system through Vit.C - content
  •  it can strengthen skin and hoofs due to the fatty acids it contains
  •  Strengthening of the kidney function


  •  expectorant
  •  ejecting
  •  stimulant for the digestion
  •  Appetite stimulating - good for lean horses
  •  promotes the milk flow
  • This information refers to traditionally handed down knowledge and our experience. No promise of healing can be derived from this! If you are uncertain, please consult your vet.

! Please consider a waiting period of 48 hours for show horses!

Feeding recommendation: With 500g live weight approx. 40g per day.

Ingredients: Essential oils, alkaloids (including trigonellin), saponins derived from diosgenin, flavonoids, mucilage (approx. 27%), protein (approx. 25%), fatty oil (approx. 8%), vitamins A, B1 and C, minerals

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