Hotte Maxe Cossacks Syrup

Hotte Maxe Cossacks Syrup
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  • HM-1027-2011-1000ml
from natural ingredients without filling, stretching and preservatives in amber glass... more
Product information "Hotte Maxe Cossacks Syrup"
  • from natural ingredients
  • without filling, stretching and preservatives
  • in amber glass surface, therefore microplastic-free
  • Made in Germany by Hotte Maxe
  • traditionally used for mucus dissolution in coughs caused by viruses or bacteria, COPD, dampness,
  • According to a traditional recipe that has been handed down over the centuries!
  • proven to strengthen and enhance the well-being of all horses
  • to be recommended in case of feeding related undersupply of the respiratory tract

Selected herbs, horseradish, thyme, marshmallow, elderberry, aniseed, fennel, liquorice, etc. are gently processed in our Cossack Syrup® in a completely natural way according to an old tradition and handed-down recipe.

To ensure that the herbs retain their valuable ingredients and can continue to develop even after production, the Cossack Syrup® is filled exclusively in dark brown glass bottles. In this way, it retains its quality without possible harmful impurities from a plastic container.

Ingredients: horseradish, liquorice, fennel, aniseed, thyme, elderflower, ribwort, sage, water, honey

Doping: To be on the safe side, we recommend a waiting period of 3 days for tournament horses.

Daily dosage: Large horse: 2 x 50 ml, small horse/pony: 2 x 30 ml, intensive cure 3 days in a row daily 2 x 150 ml afterwards normal dosage

Delivery: Hotte Maxe Cossacks syrup in selected quantity.

Fodder: Health
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