eQuick eShock Rear Fluffy

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fetlock boots made with materials of high quality, reliability and durability... more
Product information "eQuick eShock Rear Fluffy"
  • fetlock boots made with materials of high quality, reliability and durability
  • anatomically shaped to wrap around the tendon
  • protecting from injuries while ensuring comfort
  • outer shell reinforced with TPU; soft articfial fur lining
  • washable Lycra edges to prevent sores
  • two fastening points and elastic strap ensure easy adjustment
  • with real lambswool or faux fur
  • different sizes available

Exclusive patented eFluidgel technology
The special bubble in the shell greatly reduces the impact the horse’s leg could suffer due to air- and gel compression, and to their capacity to absorb shock.

Long lasting man-made artificial sheepskin

100% animal friendly, artificial sheepskin. Thanks to our special fluffy material the boots are now easier to wash, 30°C in the washing machine, and they dries much more faster. Fitting is even better than real sheepskin mantaining with the time it's softnesses and color.

Delivery: eQuick eShock Rear Fluffy in the chosen variant.

Colour: black, brown
Size: Cob, Full, Pony
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