Premier Equine Magni-Teque Magnetic Boot Wraps

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  • PE-1018S
outer boot constructed from Air-Teque ventilated neoprene soft cotton liners with... more
Product information "Premier Equine Magni-Teque Magnetic Boot Wraps"
  • outer boot constructed from Air-Teque ventilated neoprene
  • soft cotton liners with bi-polar magnets sewn in to face treatments areas
  • 16 magnets situated around the lower leg and fetlock joint
  • targets tendon, shin, cannon, fetlock & ligaments
  • each magnet is a 600 Gauss high energy flexible ferrite magnet with 50mm plume field zone
  • liners Velcro easily in and out of boot
  • applies a constant, even pressure
  • improves circulation, flushes away toxins, reduces inflammation, reduces pain and enhances healing
  • can help alleviate symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism
  • use half an hour to one hour per day for the first week and gradually build up to four hours a day for optimum treatment
  • can be worn for a maximum of twelve hours
  • cannot be used whilst the horse is exercising. Horse must be at rest with a regular heart rate
  • sold in pairs

These magnetic boot wraps have been anatomically designed to act as a pressure bandage on your horses legs, helping to reduce swelling that can occur from overnight stabling or long periods of standing. Made from our breathable Air-Teque ventilated neoprene with strong and secure Velcro straps. The soft cotton liners inside the boot wrap contain magnets around the cannon bone and fetlock areas. These magnets can help to reduce swelling, decrease pain and increase mobility. They can also produce significant improvements in horse's that suffer from arthritis and rheumatism. Can be used on both front and hind legs.

WARNING do not use on the following...
open wounds, during pregnancy (ladies), mares in foal, near pacemakers
ALWAYS remember if symptoms persist call your vet!

Benefits of magnets: Improved circulation - Reduced muscle tension - Aids recovery of muscle fatigue - Stimulation of tissue oxygen supply - Soothes skeletal aches - Eliminates toxins - Aids cell renewal - Reduces inflammation - Reduces pain - Enhances healing - Alleviates symptoms of arthritis & rheumatism - Stimulates production of elastin & collagen which is essential for the development of new cells - Regenerates damaged tissue

Care/Washing instructions...
Outer Boot:
 Machine washable. First remove hair & dried sweat with brush. Then ensure all fastenings are closed and machine wash at 30º using non-bio liquid. We recommend washing inside our 'Horse Boots Wash Bag'. Dry naturally away from direct heat sources

Liners: Liners should be hand washed only in cool water using mild soap/non-bio liquid. Dry naturally away from direct heat sources 

Delivery: Premier Equine Magni-Teque Magnetic Boot Wraps in the chosen variant.

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